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Guiding the Way to Solar Savings – Solar MAP for Affordable Multifamily Properties | Peer-to-Peer Network

April 19 @ 11:30 am - 12:30 pm

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Katie Shelton, Senior Manager, Market Engagement, of the Connecticut Green Bank, will discuss the opportunites and advantages of the Solar Marketplace Assistance Program for affordable multifamily housing providers. See below for more information.
The Connecticut Green Bank has been offering its Solar Marketplace Assistance Program (Solar MAP) to state and municipal properties successfully for a few years. Starting in 2024, affordable multifamily housing providers can take advantage of this comprehensive solar development support from start to finish. Solar MAP is a no-cost technical assistance program that identifies project sites, conducts feasibility and project design, and provides the financing, incentives, and contractors for a viable project.

Learn how Solar MAP can help this traditionally underserved market access the benefits of solar more easily. Through the passage of recent legislation, affordable multifamily housing solar projects are treated as residential projects under that state incentive program, which will enable the deployment of more solar to these properties because the tariff agreements are substantially higher (currently ~ 37 cents/ kWh), and projects won’t need to wait for a competitive solicitation in the commercial solar program.
This presentation is completely FREE and is pending approval for 1 AIA LU.
Learning Objectives. After attending this event, participants will be able to:
Discuss how the Connecticut Green Bank Marketplace Assistance Program (MAP) can support affordable multifamily housing providers in the development of a solar power project, including understanding the energy goals and demand, identifying viable sites, and securing a qualified contractor and available utility incentives.
Describe how to navigate the process of accessing renewable energy and achieving energy savings using the Connecticut Green Bank MAP.
Explain how the solar-generated electricity is owned and managed under the Connecticut Green Bank MAP, including who bears any associated risks.
Describe what the values of the Solar MAP are for the traditionally underserved affordable multifamily housing providers’ market, including cost savings and environmental benefits.