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Earn the leading passive building credential in North America – become a PHIUS CPHC® today!

PHIUS established the CPHC program in 2008 to distinguish accomplished passive building professionals in the marketplace. PHIUS, the leading North American passive building training provider, has trained more than 3000 professionals to date.

CPHCs learn to design to the PHIUS+ climate-specific building standard, the leading passive building certification in North America. Projects earning PHIUS+ Certification follow RESNET QA/QC protocols and achieve excellent HERS scores, US Department of Energy Zero Energy Ready Home status, and adhere to EPA indoor airPLUS requirements.

PHIUS delivers CPHC training in two separate phases that must be completed sequentially:

Phase I consists of pre-recorded videos, available online on demand, making it easy and convenient to learn foundation principles at your own pace. PHIUS has partnered with Saturn Resource Management, a leader in the world of designing online learning systems to develop regularly updated modules feature experienced PHIUS instructors. We recommend allowing four to six weeks to cover the material.

Phase II is now also offered online, based on live presentations spread over 12 days. The live sessions run from 30 minutes to a maximum of 3 hours. Phase II also includes group projects, homework assignments and online tutorials. The sessions are recorded for later review.*

To earn CPHC accreditation:

  1. Apply for admission (Admission is not guaranteed)
  2. Register and pay for Phase I Online Training (Videos on demand)
  3. Register and pay for Phase II Online Training (Live sessions spread over 12 days)
  4. Register and pay for the CPHC Exam (online plus take-home design exercise)

For more details on scheduled upcoming CPHC trainings and exams, visit the CPHC Training Schedule & Registration page.

*Phase II previously required five days of in-class instruction; when conditions allow, PHIUS will offer both an in-class an online option for Phase II).