EnergizeCT Passive House Initiative

Eversource, an Energize Connecticut sponsor, in partnership with Connecticut Passive House is excited to offer Passive House trainings to support Connecticut workforce development and market transformation in the energy efficiency and building construction industries.

As the demand for more efficient buildings evolves, the need for qualified designers, builders, consultants, raters and verifiers with Passive House expertise grows. As such, our goal is to enhance the skillset of the energy efficiency workforce in Connecticut.

These lunch & learn style trainings and building science workshops focused on Passive House standards are no-cost to participants. Additionally, Eversource is offering a 50% cost reimbursement for professionals who successfully complete and pass Passive House Institute U.S. or Passive House Institute accreditation courses.

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Passive House Professional Accreditation Reimbursement Application

What does this mean for you?

  • Develop and enhance your skill sets through two training channels – Lunch & Learns and Building Science Workshops.
  • Alleviates the cost burden of certification by offering a 50% cost reimbursement for Passive House Institute (PHI) or Passive House Institute US (PHIUS) accredited training, upon successful completion of certification.  
  • Creates a cost-effective pathway for business partners to invest in workforce training and professional development (access the reimbursement application here.
  • Provides Continuing Education Units (CEUs) eligible for maintaining Passive House credentials.

What does this mean for our community?

  • Scales up the Passive House market in the state.
  • Increases awareness of growth needed.
  • Encourages and supports market transformation in the energy efficiency and building construction industries.
  • Advances energy efficiency implementation efforts and furthers energy-saving building construction across commercial and residential sectors.

* Note: certification courses are eligible for a 50% reimbursement.

Learn More About Passive House and Available Resources

Leveraging Efficiency Program Resources to Advance Passive House Design

Presented by CTPH Board Member Nick Jones, from Eversource, as part of Connecticut Green Bank’s 2021 Webinar Series, “Renewable Energy of Community.” Nick provides an overview of Passive House and discusses the EnergizeCT Passive House Initiative and utility incentive opportunities (which you can also learn about here).