Biographical Info Passive and high performance retrofits in all of CT and West Chester, NY Historical Renovations with high performance integrations High performance and passive new construction pipelines from land selection, design and build out. 3rd party certified and verified Phius Passive is always recommended with new construction Current specialty is to rescue traditionally designed new construction and convert to passive saving the owner future near time expense from realizing a complete retro fit need on his brand newly planned home as it’s becoming more apparent to more every day , month and year that all existing building stock will require a complete gut deep envelope retrofit for passive and high performance all electric heating, cooling hot water and cooling, air tight with balanced ventilation. Driving high indoor air quality and providing the regional building need for dry out.

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Start Date August 12, 2023

Passive House Certified: Yes

Passive House Specialty: Contractor

Firm: CT Custom Interiors, LLC


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