Harwinton Passive House


This Passive House has been recognized for meeting two significant challenges. It is the first house in CT to be officially certified by the International Passive House Association AND it won 3 out of the 4 categories in the 2012 CT Net Zero Challenge, including being designated as the overall winner. These accomplishments reflect our intention to demonstrate that future friendly homes designed and built to be miserly in their use of energy are at the same time healthy, durable, and especially comfortable to live in. The icing on the cake is the ease with which these homes can completely satisfy all their domestic energy needs with on site sources of renewable energy. These homes are an inspired response to many challenges we are facing in this new century.

The genius of the passive house system is to slow energy loss to a trickle by managing the way the building loses energy through its surfaces and air leakages, and then capture ‘free’ gains from the sun and even the heat generated by people and devices in the home. With efficient lighting and Energy Star appliances it’s an easy step to add solar electricity to produce as much energy as it consumes on an annual basis. The resulting “energy balance” provides the building with exceptional comfort and health, simplified operation and dramatically lower operating costs.

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Janet Downey - Certified Passive House Builder
Jamie Wolf - Certified Passive House Consultant

Awards 2012 CT Zero Energy Challenge Grand Prize