• Guilford Passivehouse


    A two-story, 3,209 SF (TFA)  Certified Passivehouse Plus, by the Passivehaus Institut of Darmstad, Germany; with 4 bedrooms, a 3 car garage, …

  • Stonington Passive House


    The clients, both visual artists, approached Wyeth Architects LLC with clear expectations of a place to retire: a house and studios in an ap …

  • Rocky Corner Cohousing

    58 Old Amity Rd., Bethany, CT

    Designed by Centerbrook Architects, Jim Childress and Melissa Kops (now of Pirie Associates), Rocky Corner is the first cohousing community …

  • Charming ICF Farmhouse

    CT, Easton

    The house was built with ICF.  ICF, or insulated concrete forms, is a superior exterior wall system that we recommend for all our new reside …

  • Farmington Net Zero Award Winner

    CT, Farmington

    This Farmington home produces more energy than it uses on an annual basis. Pretty remarkable, right? This “net zero” performance deserves re …

  • Harwinton Passive House

    CT, Harwinton

    This Passive House has been recognized for meeting two significant challenges. It is the first house in CT to be officially certified by the …

  • Taft Faculty House


    The architectural and building team that completed this house has been working together on energy efficient homes (exclusively) for 15 years …

  • Ash Point Cabin

    Harpswell ME

    Ash Point Cabin fulfills a desire to construct a super-insulated, high performance house using the most advanced building techniques while c …

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  1. BuildingEnergy NYC

    October 3 - October 4
  2. International Passive House Open Days

    November 9 - November 11
  3. KISS: Keep It Simple, Smartypants

    September 18 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm