The architectural and building team that completed this house has been working together on energy efficient homes (exclusively) for 15 years. On the design side was Elizabeth DiSalvo, Principal of Trillium Architects, who has decades of experience creating homes that are both beautiful and environmentally inspired. BPC Green Builders, who have created many ultra-high performance, beautifully-crafted homes in New England, contributed their team’s commitment and knowledge of sustainable building. Consultant Karla Butterfield, of Steven Winters Associates, rounded out the team’s leadership. This house easily achieved its certifications and far exceeded its projected performance, because of the deeply experienced team.

The Taft Faculty House has the unusual distinction of being created explicitly as a teaching tool. Wanting to demonstrate leadership in the area of sustainability and education, the Taft School sought to make a home for its faculty members that would also be a showcase for successful green building solutions. At the same time, it was important to make the building fit harmoniously within its historic neighborhood, providing not only technical but also aesthetic inspiration.

To demonstrate the successful technical performance of the project, the Taft house’s operational data has been extensively studied and documented.


Trillium Architects


BPC Green Builders
Steven Winters Associates

Awards 2nd Place in the Special Mention of the International Green Building Solutions Awards 2016
USGBC Best Single Family Home 2016
US D.O.E. #1 National Best Energy Efficient House of the Year 2015
CT Zero Energy Challenge award
CT Green Building Council 201 Award of Honor