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Passive House for Builders and Contractors

Passive House Multi-Family Workshop: Lessons Learned from the First Generation of Projects

Multi-Family Passive House Buildings & Design

Factoring in Electrification: Designs for a Renewable Energy Grid

Policy Onramps: Using Passive House to Drive Decarbonization

Passive House Process: The Path to Certification

Passive House & Embodied Carbon: What You Need to Know

Passive House 201: A Technical Look at Passive House

Passive House 201: A Technical Look at Passive House

Building Science Workshop 1: Introduction to PH and Building Envelope

Building Science Workshop 2: Carpentry, Window Installers, Air Barrier, and Insulation Trades

Building Science Workshop 3: HVAC and Plumbing Trade

B.S. Workshop 4: QA/QC Techniques for Ensuring Success

Passive House 101

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